Gabriela Quijano

Amnesty International

Developing accountability in business and human rights (afternoon panels session, day 1)

Gabriela Quijano is the legal adviser on business and human rights at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International. Since 2009, she has led the organization’s work on access to remedy for business-related human rights abuses. In this capacity, she has done research on cases involving corporate human rights abuses in the Americas, Asia and Africa, legal analysis on barriers to justice, strategic litigation and advocacy to improve corporate legal accountability and remedial mechanisms. She has authored many briefings and reports for Amnesty, including “Injustice Incorporated: Corporate abuses and the human rights to remedy”.

Prior to her work in Amnesty, Gabriela worked for the British Red Cross and Interights (the International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights). Gabriela is a qualified lawyer and completed an MA on Human Rights (Hons) from the Human Rights Centre of Essex University. Gabriela practiced civil, commercial and corporate law in Buenos Aires, Argentina, prior to moving to the UK.