The London Conference on International Law 2022

States in Emergency – International Law at a Time of Reckoning

Date: Monday 10 – Tuesday 11 October 2022
Venue: QEII Centre, London

What is the use of international law and how do we engage with it? Over the last few years, the focus appears to have been on disengagement. Yet, at the same time, international courts and tribunals are busier than ever before, while domestic courts have an increasing engagement with international legal issues. Likewise, international law features to a greater extent than ever before in the conduct of public life and debate.

In 2019 the inaugural London Conference on International Law brought together international law academics, judges, practitioners, representatives of civil society, business-leaders, and other stakeholders to see how States and all other actors engage with international law. We’re delighted to announce that 2022 marks the return of the London Conference with the theme of States in Emergency – International Law at a Time of Reckoning. The Conference will take place at the QEII centre, London, on October 10-11, 2022

People at any point of human history may be excused for thinking that they live in a time of crisis or find themselves in the midst of some emergency: political, economic, security, health, environmental. It is however characteristic of the current stage of human development that we actually find ourselves in a crisis seemingly spanning the whole gamut of potential crises—an overarching crisis, if you will.

The 2022 London Conference on International Law will examine the opportunities and challenges that this moment of truth presents, and will endeavour to answer the following central questions: what is the role of international law in dealing with such crises and emergencies, but equally: what that is the impact of these circumstances on the international legal order as a whole? In other words: is international law fit for purpose when faced with crises—and do crises help shape a more responsive international law?

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Topics for discussion at this conference include:


  • Addressing the climate emergency: from COPs to courts
  • Investor-state dispute settlement and states in emergency
  • International criminal law and the politics of impunity
  • Human and collective security – use of force
  • International settlement of disputes in a time of crises
  • At a crossroads: jurisdiction and enforcement at sea
  • Protection of human rights during crises
  • Formation and development of international law in times of emergency
  • International economic law in an enduring period of economic crisis
  • Legal and political reactions to crises: the role of sanctions
  • Ethical challenges to the legal profession in situations of emergency
  • Cyberwarfare and other challenges to the law of armed conflict


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