The London Conference on International Law 2024

The London Conference on International Law 2024

Date: 17th – 18th October 2024
Venue: QEII Centre, London, SW1P 3EE

The London Conference on International Law is a biennial event dedicated to exploring the latest developments in international law and providing participants with the highest-level insights from leading experts in the field. The conference will explore the effectiveness and limitations of existing legal principles and the ability of international law to address contemporary and future challenges. It will examine the defining content of public international law as we understand it today, questioning whether recent international events have exposed fault lines or whether it remains adequate to address the issues at hand. The conference will also seek to challenge preconceptions and assess whether the reach of international law extends further than commonly believed.

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Organisations participating in this conference:


Who can you expect to network with at the London Conference on International Law 2024?


  • Barristers specialising in international law


  • International law and policy institutions


  • International lawyers in Government


  • International humanitarian organisations and NGOs


  • UK universities


  • International academics and students


  • Law firms specialising in international law


  • High Commission and diplomatic representatives and officials


  • International organisations, inter-government institutions