Dr Federica Paddeu

University of Cambridge

Associate Professor and Derek Bowett Fellow in Law, Queens’ College, Cambridge; Fellow, Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, Cambridge.

Federica is a general international lawyer, and her main research interests are the law of State responsibility, in particular the legal theory and practice of exceptions, and the law on the use of force. She has also published on matters concerning investment law, and the recognition of governments under international law. Her work has been published in leading international law journals, including the British Yearbook of International Law, the European Journal of International Law and the American Journal of International Law. A monograph based on her PhD dissertation, Justification and Excuse in International Law: Concept and Theory of General Defences, was published by CUP in 2018, and she co-edited (with Prof Lorand Bartels) a volume on Exceptions in International Law (OUP, 2020). She is a member of the Academic Research Panel of Blackstone Chambers, of BIICL’s Public International Law Advisory Board, and acts as Director of Research for the British Branch of the International Law Association.

Federica holds a law degree (Abogado cum laude), from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, in Caracas, Venezuela; an LLM in international law (first class honours, Clive Parry Prize for International Law) and a PhD (Yorke Prize), University of Cambridge; and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGDipLATHE), University of Oxford.

Admitted to practice in Venezuela, as a member of the Caracas (Distrito Federal) Bar.