Dr Jean-Pierre Gauci


Jean-Pierre Gauci

Dr. Jean-Pierre Gauci is Senior Research Fellow in Public International Law and Director of Teaching and Training at BIICL. Recruited in 2014 as a research coordinator for the British Influences on International Law Project, his role was extended to that of research fellow in August 2015 and associate senior research fellow in 2017.

Jean-Pierre holds a PhD in Law from King’s College London; a Doctor of Laws and Magister Juris in International Law from the University of Malta. Beyond his work at the institute, Jean-Pierre is also co-director of The People for Change Foundation, a human rights think tank based in Malta. He lectures International Migration law and Ocean governance at the University of Malta. He has experience of research, lobbying and proactive action in the fields of migration and asylum law, human trafficking and anti-discrimination as well as teaching experience in various international and domestic legal issues. He consults widely to national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

His work at BIICL is two-fold. As senior fellow, he undertakes work on migration, asylum, trafficking, human rights, and broader public international law issues working primarily at the intersection of different fields of international law. As Director of Teaching and Training he has and continues to oversee BIICL’s expanding teaching and training programme. Jean-Pierre is also the staff representative to the Board of Trustees and a Member of the Institute’s EDI Committee.