Dr Gershon Hasin

Associate, Fietta LLP

Gershon Hasin

Dr. Gershon Hasin is a qualified US lawyer. He has extensive experience in investor-State arbitration and inter-State dispute resolution, as well as the law of the sea and space law.

Gershon represents sovereign States, as well as individuals and private entities, in various international legal matters before leading world dispute resolution fora. Gershon also advised sovereign States and private entities on various aspects of international law, including maritime boundary delimitation, the law of the sea, and international investment law.

Gershon previously clerked for a prominent international arbitrator, Professor W. Michael Reisman, in multiple UNCITRAL and ICSID investor-State arbitrations and international commercial arbitrations. He has also drafted legal opinions for investor-State disputes, and worked on inter-state litigations before the International Court of Justice. Gershon also taught two seminars on international law at the Yale Law School as a Visiting Lecturer in Law, and is frequently invited to lecture on the regulation of outer space activities, with a particular focus on international investment and commercial arbitration.

Gershon has published and has forthcoming articles in leading law journals including the Yale Journal of International Law, Harvard International Law Journal, University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law, International Law Studies, and the Georgetown Journal of International Law.